Getting married in Rome on a rainy day

Getting married in Rome on a rainy day

Rome usually enjoys the perfect weather for a lovely outdoor wedding reception with nice, warm, sunny days, which makes the Eternal City one of the top locations for a destination wedding. But let’s face: predicting the weather, especially months in advance, is impossible and there’s that slight chance you might get some rain on your wedding day.

Well, the first piece of advice is: don’t despair! There’s nothing you can do on the day, but you can try and come prepared. So here are my top tips for you, should it rain on your wedding day.

1. Wedding venue

First of all, choose a great wedding venue. If you are not getting married in a church, nor at the Town Hall, but planning a symbolic ceremony outdoor, make sure the venue you want to book also has a beautiful back-plan in case of rain, with a richly decorated room or a room with a view, that will leave your guests speechless anyway.

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2. Reception venue

For the wedding reception, you might have chosen a location with beautiful gardens and views, but make sure the venue also has enough space inside as a back-up plan in case of bad weather, to host the welcome cocktail, the wedding meal and open bar and dancing. Some locations will have stunning terraces with views, but a poor plan B, such as a room in the basement, and you don’t want to travel all the way to get married in Rome and end up in a plain room that could be anywhere in the world.

3. Beauty services

Choose a good hairstylist and make-up artist who’ll help your hairdo and make-up stand the test of bad weather. DIY, when there’s wind or rain, is never a good idea…

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4. Photographer and Videographer

Find a great wedding photographer (like Francesco De Tito – -who took these amazing shots) and a great wedding videographer who know their way around Rome and the best spots to go and take pictures, even in the rain. A good professional will be able to take amazing wedding pictures or shoot some great, special moments to create a video to remember, despite the weather. And if you find a photographer and videographer who are able to make you feel at ease and make you laugh, then half of the job is done.

5. Transportation

Reserve a car with driver to take you around Rome for pictures and then leave you at the reception venue. Even if the wedding venue and the reception venue are close and you plan on taking walking from one to the other, a car could save you on a rainy day and take you to some good spots for wedding pictures. And don’t forget to book transportation for your guests as well. Minivans are particularly suggested as they can easily drive around Rome. Even a short walk can turn into a nightmare, if taken under the rain.

6. Flowers

When choosing the flower decor for the wedding reception, remember to pick arrangements you can use even if the wedding celebrations must be moved inside in case of bad weather. For example, if you are planning long tables outdoor, while indoor you only have room for round tables, let the florist suggest you a decor that could easily work in both cases. A good florist will be able to give you some great advice and quickly adapt to the situation.

7. Accessories

If the forecasts don’t look good, bring a large, white umbrella and don’t forget a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in around Rome for the wedding photoshoot. You could then easily change back into your amazing high-heels once at the wedding reception.

8. Guests

And of course, always remember to wear a smile and don’t forget to invite some happy, crazy guests at your wedding party, who’ll have fun and dance, no matter what the weather will be like!

9. Planner

And finally, of course, choose a great wedding planner, such as Dolce Vita Weddings, who’ll be able to pull all this together for you, suggesting you only the best wedding locations and the best professionals. Getting married in Rome on a rainy day can still be an amazing success.