Italian wedding cake

The Italian wedding cake

What’s the typical Italian wedding cake like? That’s a question many couples planning a destination wedding in Rome ask me as they want to have a truly authentic Italian experience. After all, food is one of the reasons why couples decide to plan their destination wedding in Italy. So let’s talk about the wedding cake options available!

The typical Italian wedding cake

The typical Italian wedding cake is a Millefeuille. This is made of layers of crunchy puff pastry, alternated with Chantilly cream (a mix of cream and whipped cream) and either wild berries or chocolate drops. This wedding cake can have crunched pistachio nuts all around, or crunched puff pastry or simply be left as it is, with the layers of pastry and cream showing. Powdered sugar is sprinkled all on top of this delicious Italian wedding cake.

The Millefeuille wedding cake may consist of a single tier or more and can be decorated with berries, if you opted for that type of filling, and flowers.

Italian wedding cake

Sponge wedding cake

The sponge cake is also a popular Italian wedding cake as it’s very versatile. It comes in many flavours, such as vanilla or chocolate, and it’s perfect to be covered in icing, with some times very elaborate decorations or simpler flower decorations. In between the layers of sponge cake, you can have various cream fillings, such as lemon, chocolate, strawberries. So if you prefer the typical multi-tier  wedding cake, this is surely the one for you!

Italian wedding cakeItalian wedding cake        Spatula effect cakeItalian wedding cake        Italian wedding cake

Unusual wedding cakes

The trend is now towards simplicity. That’s why the naked cake has become so popular over the past few years as an Italian wedding cake. A soft sponge cake without the thick sugar icing and with a filling of vanilla or chocolate cream, or more particular flavours, like pistachio.

The drip cake has also become quite popular. A naked cake or a classic sponge cake, with syrup on top that literally drips down the sides of the wedding cake creating a beautiful, dramatic effect.

If you want to do something out of the ordinary instead of the typical Italian wedding cake, then you may opt for a different shape, such as a square wedding cake, instead of the usual round shape.

Or what about a wedding cake made of a pyramid of profiteroles or croquembouche or even macarons?

A very unique and handy wedding cake could be one made of different cupcakes, so each guest could pick a favourite flavour.

An alternative idea for an all Italian wedding cake could be having a tower of your favourite Italian dessert, such as cannoli or mini tiramisu portions.

And if you don’t have a sweet tooth at all, why not go for a wedding cake made of wheels of different sizes of various Italian cheeses? This fun Italian wedding cake could be decorated with fruit complementing the cheeses, such as figs, strawberries, apricots, depending on the season.

Italian wedding cakeItalian wedding cake

I definitely love weddings cakes, especially the typical Italian wedding cake, the Millefeuille, and would recommend every couple to have one. All the guests will love it! After more than 15 years of tasting all sorts of wedding cakes, let Dolce Vita Weddings help you choose the perfect wedding cake for you!