Italian wedding favours

Any suggestion for some typical Italian wedding favours? That’s one of the questions I’m most often asked during the wedding planning, especially when discussing the wedding reception. Offering your guests some typical Italian wedding favours is surely a lovely idea to thank them for travelling all the way to Italy for your destination wedding. So let’s have a look at my main suggestions, which Dolce Vita Weddings could easily help you order.

Classic Italian bomboniereBomboniere as the most typical Italian wedding favours

The bomboniere are the most typical Italian wedding favours I can think of and no Italian wedding is complete without them.

Originally, these were made of 5 sugar-coated almonds in a small white sachet, to remind us that life is both sweet (sugar) and bitter (almond). The number 5 was a good wish for health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity. The almonds came in a small bag, usually made of tulle or satin tied with ribbons. Both the almonds and bag were traditionally white, the colour for weddings.

Over the years, the tradition for this typical Italian favours has been evolving. Now you can find all types of fillings, such as dark chocolate, strawberries, pistachio, and all sorts of colours to match your wedding theme. And you can find these typical Italian weddings favours in sachets, or small boxes of all shapes and colours.

Italian bomboniere      Bomboniere sachet

Typical Italian products 

My main suggestion is extravergin olive oil because travelling a lot, especially in the States and the UK, I could never find truly good olive oil. I order it from an organic farm that offers small tin bottles, not so delicate as glass, and thus perfect for travelling. I buy this olive oil for myself as well, so I can say it’s 100% guaranteed and probably one of the most unique and useful Italian wedding favours.

Another idea from my list of typical Italian wedding favours is Prosecco, the all-Italian sparkling wine, which is always served during the cocktail hour. Leave Champagne to the French and have some Prosecco instead. You’ll love it! This can come in small bottles, easy to travel with, or drink before going back home!

Italian wedding favours: olive oil        Italian wedding favours: Prosecco

Limoncello is definitely one of most popular Italian wedding favours. You might want to choose a small size for the bottle, so that guests could just drink it at the wedding or easily bring back home as a souvenir. It’s perfect for countrystyle weddings, usually matching colourful linens and flowers arrangements.

Italian wedding favours: limoncello

Other Italian products 

You can always choose something more particular to give your guests some unusual Italian wedding favours. Opt for small jars of honey, or maybe jams, either fruit, such as peach or apple for example; or vegetable, such as onions or pumpkins which go well with meats or cheeses. And if you love chocolate as I do, you could definitely consider some Gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut) spread. I order a truly unique one, made with olive oil. This would be perfect for the children or in Autumn, in particular if you picked warm colours for the overall wedding décor (shades of brown, orange and yellow).

All these Italian wedding favours could either be set up on a table for each guest to grab one on their way back after the reception. Or even better, they could be used as place cards on the dinner tables. More about this in my next wedding blog on wedding stationery. So stay tuned!