Get married in Rome

If your plan is to get married in Italy and you are dreaming of a wedding in Rome, after surfing the net looking for information on how to get married abroad, you've probably decided you need the help of a wedding planner, as a destination wedding is going to be way too complicated to organise on your own.

Well, if you are looking for a local and professional wedding planner who specialises in weddings in Rome and has planned ceremonies and receptions exclusively for foreign couples since 2002, someone who will take care of your wedding in Italy from start to end with a personal and flexible approach, collaborating only with the top and most reliable vendors, then you've probably come across the right person.

So welcome to my website for destination weddings in Rome!

Please take some time to go through my pages and contact me for more information.

You can get married in Rome with Dolce Vita Weddings and leave all your worries at home.

Daniela De Luca

Wedding Planner in Rome

If you are wondering who's on the other side of the computer...

I was born in Rome in 1973 and I've been living here ever since, apart from some long periods of time spent abroad and frequent travels to the UK and the USA.

After graduating as a professional translator, I've lived in London for a year working as a Project Manager in an international environment, where I've acquired a valuable experience in planning and problem-solving.

Back in Rome, I took up a job in a wedding planning agency, where I've worked for two years before deciding to start up my own company, Dolce Vita Weddings, specialising in weddings in Rome for foreign couples.

I wanted to offer a more personable, friendly and high-quality service and dedicate myself to a job that perfectly combined my planning skills and my passion for languages.

So here I am, planning weddings in Italy since 2002 and enjoying that very much indeed.

Why me

If you are looking for a personal and flexible approach:

I'll personally answer all your emails and phone calls and deal directly with you to help you plan your wedding in Rome.

I only take a limited number of destination weddings for month, so as to be able to follow each one of them personally.

I do not offer packages, but prefer to be very flexible and listen to your specific requests, only providing the services you actually need for your wedding in Rome (wedding flowers, wedding photographer, music for the ceremony and the reception, vintage cars, etc.) so as to organise a very personal event, according to the “every wedding is unique” philosophy.

If you are looking for a professional approach:

I'm not a tour operator or travel agent. I'm specialised in weddings in Italy and in particular, destination weddings in Rome.

Although there's always something new to learn, thanks to my studies as a professional interpreter, my work experiences and travels abroad, I can say I'm fluent in English and will have no problem in communicating with you and discussing every little detail of your wedding in Italy.

After trying out several different vendors, I've built some solid relationships over the years and I'm now working with the best and most reliable ones in the wedding field who will be able to provide a high-quality service, delivering exactly what you want and at a fair price.

Of course, whenever necessary and in particular for larger events, I have assistants to help me out.

I work according to a timeline and having done this so many times before, I know the proper sequence of events and how and when they should be handled, so that getting married in Rome will be an easy and stressful event for you.

If you are looking for someone local:

Being born in Rome, I know my way around. I know the rules and regulations, I know the right places and most importantly, the people and vendors who often do not speak any English.

I'm based in Rome, therefore I won't pass you onto someone else, but I will personally deal with your destination wedding.