Wedding party flowers

What does the etiquette says about the wedding party flowers? Who should wear flowers at a wedding, apart from the bride, of course?

The groom

The groom should wear a boutonnière (also called buttonhole) on the left lapel of his suit jacket. This could be a single flower or more small flowers, sometimes with leaves and berries for a more sophisticated look. The boutonnière should preferably be made of flowers from the bridal bouquet, anyway.

I know, most men do not like wearing flowers, but hey, a bit of tradition has never hurt anyone!

Wedding party flowers - Groom's boutonnière     

Bridesmaids’ and Groomsmen’s flowers

Bridesmaids usually have a bouquet, which can be the same as the bride’s, but definitely smaller, or it can be made of just some of the flowers of the bridal bouquet. The colour will need to match the bridesmaids’ dress.

Groomsmen can pin a boutonnière on their suits and this can be exactly the same as the groom’s, or the groom can have something a bit more special to stand out, for example, a single rose for the groomsmen and a rose plus some leaves and or berries for the groom.

Wedding party flowers - Bridesmaids' bouquet

Wedding party flowers - Groomsmen's buttonhole

Parents’ flowers

As for the bride’s and groom’s parents, mothers can wear a lovely corsage, again made of the same flowers chosen for the bride’s bouquet, or at least some of them. This will be more likely a wrist corsage, or it could be a dress corsage, only if the dress allows (not suggested if the fabric is really thin). And fathers again should wear a boutonnière, usually the same as the groomsmen.

Wedding party flowers - Mothers' corsage

Flower girl and ring bearer

If there’s a flower girl in the bridal party, depending on her age, she could hold a small wicked basket with rose petals, or she could wear a small flower crown, or even have a tiny bouquet.

It may be difficult to get a boy wear a flower, but then if all the men do, he will probably be happy to imitate them.

Wedding party flowers - Flower girl's basket

Other wedding guests’ flowers

Other guests you might ask to wear flowers are the grandmothers. They could wear either a wrist or a dress corsage, but do ask them which one they’d prefer, mainly depending on their dress. And you can also include grandparents and ushers who could wear a boutonnière.

Wedding party flowers - Flowers for other wedding guestsWell, I love flowers, so if you ask me, the more wedding party flowers the better! Plus, they do make a difference in group pictures and contribute to the overall colour scheme of your wedding.

You can ask Dolce Vita Weddings for some suggestions and inspiration on the wedding party flowers.

And don’t worry, I’ll always have some spare pins with me for boutonnières, which came in handy on a few occasions.