Wedding reception flowers

Wedding reception flowers

For most brides, choosing the wedding reception flowers is one of the best parts of the all wedding planning process. Wedding reception flowers can truly transform a venue and make it your own. They should set the tone of the wedding and reflect your personality and tastes.

First of all, choose the material you prefer for the actual vases/arrangements (glass, metal, marble, silver, gold, etc.). And choose the colour/s of the wedding reception flowers, if not even the actual flowers you’d like to include. There should be three main areas of the venue you will need to plan wedding reception flowers for. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Wedding reception flowers – cocktail hour

In the welcome cocktail area, there will be some small tables and chairs, to provide seating for usually 50% of the guests. Plan for some small and low flower arrangements for these tables. There will also be at least a couple of long buffet tables, for drinks and food and for these you should pick some large arrangements with wedding reception flowers visible from a distance. All the guests will pass by these tables so that the arrangements could be greatly appreciated.

Wedding reception flowers      Wedding reception flowers

Wedding reception flowers – dinner

Consider the tables set up and size of the dinner area when choosing the wedding reception flowers for this part of the event. With round tables, you will need flowers in the centre, either one single larger arrangement or more smaller vases, usually in an odd number. With long tables, the flower arrangements could run through the whole length of the table if you opt for a garland, or consist of many different arrangements, possibly with different heights and sizes. The arrangements for the dinner reception flowers can be tall if this part of the wedding is held outside or if the dinner room has high ceilings. And don’t forget candles, lots of them. But remember to always have them somewhat protected in glass vases, or boules, if the wedding dinner is outdoor where it might be windy, or indoor if the air-conditioning is particularly high and at the same level as the candles.

Wedding reception flowers

Wedding reception flowers       Wedding reception flowers

Wedding reception flowers – Open bar

After dinner reception flowers will be needed on the buffet tables for all the cakes and mini dessert portions that are usually served during the open bar. Some small flower arrangements will look lovely on the small tables and cocktail tables wedding guests will be sitting at to drink, eat and chat between one dance and another. Don’t forget tea-lights and candles for a bit of evening atmosphere!

Wedding reception flowers

Wedding reception flowers – Other 

Any other reception flowers to think about? Yes! Some décor for the cake maybe. Some small flower arrangements for the guest book table, if you have one; and for the “bomboniere” or presents for the guests, if you’ve planned for them. Plus, any other spot in the reception venue you want to draw attention to.

wedding reception flowers

Well, I love this part of the wedding planning: discussing reception flowers ideas with the brides. My main suggestion is: always try and reuse the flowers arrangements. You can reuse the tall flower arrangements next to the kneeler you had in the church and repurpose them as arrangements for the buffet tables during the cocktail hour. And you can most certainly reuse the arrangements you had at the cocktail hour in the after dinner area.

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