The cutting of the wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is a very important moment during the wedding reception as it marks the starting of the party time, with music and dancing, drinks and a rich and tempting desserts buffet. So let’s see how you can make this particular moment a special one to remember!

The cake topper for a special cutting of the wedding cake

A cake topper is always a nice idea to make the wedding cake and the cutting time more unique.. It could be a topper representing the bride and groom (I’ve seen some funny ones over the years) or your initials or a Mrs and Mr topper with your last name. This would be a lovely souvenir for the years to come!

Don’t forget some decorations for your wedding cake, such as flowers or fruit, all to complement the colour palette you picked for your wedding.

The best time and place to cut the wedding cake

Pick a special, unique place for the cutting of the wedding cake, rather than having the waiters serving it in the dinner area. This way the staff will have time to prepare something really special for this beautiful, romantic moment and you’ll also give the guests the chance to leave the dinner table and move on with the rest of the evening. None likes to remain seated for hours!


How to cut the wedding cake

To actually cut the wedding cake, you’ll have a special knife with a long blade. You should hold the knife together, the wife first, with the husband’s hand covering her hand. Cut the cake together and feed one another with the first morsel. You can also buy a beautiful knife for the occasion, to keep as a souvenir, according to their traditions.


To emphasise the cutting of the wedding cake

Pick a song for the cutting of the wedding cake, something that has a special meaning for the two of you.

Want to impress the guests? Plan for a spectacular display of fireworks. And if fireworks seem too much or the venue does not allow them (some locations, especially in the centre of Rome, do not allow fireworks), then spark gerbs are the perfect option.

Or you could have confetti shot in the air, right at the moment you cut the cake. Another stunning effect that will look amazing in pictures.

Confetti for the cutting of the wedding cake

Unique ideas for the cutting of the wedding cake

For a very unique cutting of the wedding cake, you could have the pastry chef preparing the cake or putting the finishing touches on the wedding cake in front of the guests. A live show to remember!

Want to do something fun? Wear aprons and assemble the wedding cake yourselves in front of the guests. Something simple of course, like the top tier only; you could apply the layer of cream and spread it, then place the top layer of sponge cake on top; a sprinkle of powdered sugar and there you go!

You can incorporate your own country’s traditions or do something special and unique for you, such as cutting the wedding cake with a sword, as it once happened at one of my destination weddings!

And after cutting the wedding cake, don’t forget a toast with a flute of Prosecco for the two of you and all the guests.

Speicla cutting of the wedding cakeThe cutting of the wedding cake

For more ideas and tips, check Dolce Vita Weddings social pages, and drop me a line. I surely have years of experience in wedding cakes and how to make the cutting of the wedding cake a moment to remember.